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My name is Kkimmestry (Pronounced Chemistry) and I'm an artist and creator of many facets. I rap, write, engineer, produce, shoot film, photography and more. I'm a firm believer in faith and creating your own luck. After my 4 year business in film fell through, I decided to continue my pursuits in music with my newfound knowledge as an entrepreneur. Performing on the Pergola stage has been a dream and goal of mine for 2023 and having this opportunity present itself feels like fate. I know that with my talent and dedication I'm guaranteed to bring a magical and inspiring performance to the La Russell fanbase.


I hustle for what I believe in. I’m built for failure and success. I don’t see a loss where there’s a lesson to be learned. This life is full of opportunity and I’m taking my chance at all of it. Here are some examples of that:


100 Song Challenge 

“10,000 shots. Confidence comes from preparation” - LaRussell

This year I've dedicated myself to creating 100 songs in a year long in pursuit of mastery in the areas of song writing, producing, engineering and more. This challenge has not only been to strengthen me in the areas of music, but in social media content creation, strategizing, and team building with those who want success and are willing to work for it. Everyday I'm in the studio working on becoming a financially successful artist. Everyday I feel me understanding what it takes to get there. I don't expect a handout. What I expect is exactly what I deserve from the amount of work I'm willing to put in, 10,000 shots. 

Proud Black Soul Documentary

“Courage: We are bold and fearless in how we think and act” -Intuit company values


During the painful period of 2020 the black community found ourselves faced with the brutal murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. For months I could see myself and others around me feeling down about ourselves and our position in the world and I didn’t like it. I decided to use music and film to spread a message of black empowerment. I wrote a song called “Proud Black Soul” and instead of a music video, shot a documentary highlighting 5 black entrepreneurs making a difference in their community. It featured a local gardener giving away free freshly grown food to his community weekly. A financial advisor offering tools to teach the power of financial freedom. An activist fighting to bring clean water and community fridges to the city of Newark, and more. The documentary premiered on Juneteenth and inspired the local community to connect with the entrepreneurs to help in whatever way they could. Being bold is what elevates us as a people. Going beyond allowed me to share stories of change that showed my community faces just like theirs doing incredible things. It reminded them that they can too.

Avid Feature Master Class

“Do it to make a difference, not to make a name” -LaRussell


While at a peak in my film business I saw creatives around me struggling to learn the ins and outs of film, and I wanted to help in some way. I created a course called Avid Feature’s Master Class which offered in person classes and taught the basics of filmmaking from cinematography to lighting techniques, editing and more. The course offered various assignments and ended with a group film project for the group to come together using the skills they’ve learned to create something collectively. The entire course was free, I covered all costs for anything needed. I didn’t do it for the money. I did it because even if only one life was changed I could say I made a difference.


It's very simple. In a space where we are taught our entire lives to work for someone, to sit quietly and do what we are told, you've made it vocally clear that the needs and desires of independent artists don't have to live in dreams and inspirational quotes. So often we hear "follow your dreams" with out a blueprint. LaRussell and GoodCompenny have time and time again offered practical value to the community in basic language that says you don't have to be a genius more than you are a hard worker to get what you want in life. Intuit has given us practical tools to be self sufficient businesses even if we are small ones. 

The idea of living financially free and genuinely happy is longer so far fetched. I believe that continuing to mold individuals like myself and other creatives by equipping us with knowledge and allowing us to further spread this message makes for a very positive future for our many young entrepreneurs. I want to be a part of that change.

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