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Kim “Kkimmestry” Hill is a multifaceted music artist on a mission to be heard. In today’s world where content is king she’s created the ultimate goal of releasing 100 songs by the end of 2023. No stranger to hustle and hard work, she’s spent years acquiring new skills in the fields of music and film with strengths in writing, directing, cinematography, editing, photography, and sound engineering just to name a few. These skills have led her to opportunities in both industries, where as an artist she’s obtained accolades through music competitions like Brooklyn’s Hiphop Seazon as a two time champion. And as a filmmaker, being awarded Montclair’s filmmaker of the year, along with a built rapport amongst local artists and brands who respect and value her vision. The identities of being both an artist and filmmaker have been a battle for Kkimmestry, who has now decided to dedicate her time and energy to fully committing to the world of artistry. When asked what lead to this decision the artist states. “You can be truly passionate about many things, but a genius know to focus on only one at a time. I was spreading myself thin in both these worlds and wasn’t giving my all to either of them. I’m a great artist, and I love music to my core. So I know in order to break out, I have to give it my undivided attention.” The 100 song challenge is nothing shy of just that. The artist spends her days writing, recording, engineering, and adding on yet another skill, producing, to reach this goal. Fans and interested spectators are invited in on this process through her podcast Kkimmestry Presents: In My Shoes The Podcast, as well as her weekly vlogs that showcase the production and recording process in a raw yet inspiring way. “My goal is to challenge myself, and explore every angle of me as an artist. I’m inviting people in to see what it looks like, pretty and ugly and all the in-betweens. I don’t believe everything I make will be greatness, but I do believe that challenging myself to create despite that, will lead to more opportunities in greatness. I’m raw and real in my process, and sharing all of it with the world. If that inspires even one soul to lean into their own greatness, then I’ve done my job”. Kkimmestry focuses primarily on hiphop but does not limit her sound to just that. Whether it’s hiphop, r&b, or a flavor of something else one thing’s guaranteed, she will always deliver.


1. I love to travel. I've been to a lot of places both in and out of the country. It's a great way to explore new foods, locations, and people. My favorite vacation to date has been Paris. My goal is to one day perform in the same city that gave me great memories.


2. Learning new skills excites me. There's nothing better than being bad at something and watching yourself evolve. Just a few months ago I was garbage with production, and now I'm actually making listenable music that I own completely. I'm super HYPE!


3. I've ________ been stung by a bee. They say never say never so... yeah.


4. I'm Introverted. Yep, quiet and to myself most of time. Kim and Kkimmestry are two very different people. Something about being on stage though brings out the super star. Kkimmestry's way cooler than me.


5. The extra K in Kkimmestry is silent. I felt it looked more pleasing aesthetically and I wanted to be the only Kkimmestry found when you look me up. I didn’t realize at the time I was setting myself up for failure… everyone calls me Kay Kimmestry. Actual pronunciation: Chemistry.

6. I've embarrassed myself on stage. Yup I've tripped over wires, knocked myself in the head with mics, completely forgotten verses, you name it. I appreciate those moments though because they taught me the importance of practice. And now every time I touch a stage I want you to feel like I've done it thousands of times.


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