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Before The Night Ends... 2023

This collection is for lovers of many facets. Whether you're shooting your shot, chillin' with bae, dealing with an ex, or stuck in the friend zone, there's something on here for you. Enjoy.

The Day It Rained 2023

This EP explores the depths of a broken relationship between mother and daughter when death is presented. This collection is deep and very personal to me.


Crowns 2018

Knowing she's got something to prove, join Kkimmestry on this energetic ride of lyricism, flow, and word play as she charges toward the industry head first. 


Finally 2017

This EP explores the mind of an artist in search of self. What does it mean to truly be confident? What are your values? And what does it look like when you replace questioning with clarity?


Free Dope 2015

Fresh out the gate and ready to take on the world, meet an artist by the name of Kkimmestry whose hunger for the main stage shines in this bar heavy compilation.


Life We Chose

Journey with two friends through the Florida palms trees as I highlight the journey toward success with the mantra we live by. 

Goin' Stupid Again

Get a little crazy with me in this twisted world full of mini me's, space travel, and wait... did her face just come off?!

Crown Flipper

It's not wise to tell an artist no, the hunger only increases. Follow me on this narrative as me and the posse plot on the ultimate heist.


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